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Looking for work in the Netherlands but not sure what you want? Or is there nothing quite right that interests you? We have a vast network where we can find a place for everyone. We help you complete your picture!
But how do we do that?
Together with you, we will discuss what you really want, what suits you, and what makes you happy. Whether you want to work indoors or outdoors, in the morning or evening, weekdays or weekends, there is something for everyone. We will keep searching with you until you feel like you are in the right place again.
We offer you:
  • A good conversation about your dream job.
  • Personal guidance in finding this job.
  • A wide range of vacancies, clients, and industries.
  • After you start: Weekly or monthly payment.
  • Opportunities for necessary training or courses.
When you respond to this vacancy, one of our colleagues will contact you to assist in your search for a new job!
What we ask:
  • Your resume.
  • Your preferences: What kind of work do you want to do? How many hours per week? What shifts? Etc.
Always mention where you are looking for work. We are active throughout the Netherlands and this way we can connect you with the right colleague!
About Techvisie
Techvisie has been providing skilled workers to the Dutch market for 25 years. From 5 locations, we show not only what we do, but also how and why.
We are a major player in the staffing industry in the field of construction and technology for both foreign and Dutch personnel. This says a lot about our mentality. We are proud of the company, set high standards, and maintain our own character and identity in the market. That customers appreciate this is evident from our success. An excellent position to grow further and to serve our clients and temporary workers as best as possible.
Our organization is all about skilled workers who need to perform. This underscores the importance of education, a structured organization, and safety. Naturally, we have all the important certifications and quality marks in-house.


Techvisie has a large network and ongoing assignments available in my region, but also in other regions because they work nationally.
The most important thing for me is that I receive my salary on the agreed day. That is always the case at Techvisie.
I didn't expect that we would all go out for dinner and that we would be surprised with Christmas gifts. I remember realizing then: I'm happy to be part of the team.
The employment conditions at Techvise are very good. I receive my salary on time every week. This is going exactly as agreed and I am very satisfied with that.

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