We are happy to help you with your career development. If you are looking for a job in the technical industry, Techvisie is the right place for you. We are continuously looking for good professionals. This includes plumbers, painters, electricians and welders. But how do you best approach this? We'll explain it to you!

1. Know what you are good at

It is useful for your career development to know what you are good at. Do you know a lot about a particular product or service? Do you like working with your hands? Or are you more of a thinker? Ask yourself what you are good at.

2. Working with pleasure

If you know what you are good at, the job often becomes a lot easier. This contributes positively to your job satisfaction. But also consider the maximum travel time you want. How flexible are you? Do you like to work independently or are you a team player? Write down all the points for yourself that contribute to your job satisfaction, because that will help you further in your career development.

3. Everything well arranged

If you know what you are good at and what you enjoy, you are well on your way to finding a job that really suits you. Have you found a nice vacancy? Be sure to look at the secondary employment conditions. At Techvisie this is all well arranged, for example: NBBU collective labor agreement, holiday pay, vacation days, free accommodation or travel expenses, training, a permanent point of contact, etc.


Are you not quite sure yet? Do you need a conversation about your career development? Our recruiters are happy to help you find work. Their mission is to match professionals to challenging jobs.

Complete the open application form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Many others have gone before you. Your career also deserves a boost!

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