If you're moving to the Netherlands, you'd also like to know how housing is arranged. For example, you want to know if you'll have your own room and how far you'll have to commute to work every day. We understand that, because it's the place where you can unwind in the evenings and recharge for a new day. Many of our professionals come from Poland, Romania, Germany, Hungary, and Spain. Maybe you do too. Leaving your home country and family to earn money in the Netherlands is an easier step for some than for others. Before making that decision, it's useful to know how accommodation is arranged. We consider it important and obvious that your sleeping place is comfortable and safe. On this page, we'll tell you more about living arrangements and answer the most frequently asked questions.

One point of contact
We arrange everything
 Free housing
SNF certified

Who arranges the accommodation?

If there is a match between you and the recruiter, then you have got the job and you can work with us. We will prepare the paperwork and connect you to an account manager. He/she is your permanent point of contact. The account manager makes an inventory of what you need to do your work as well and safely as possible, such as a car, power tools and of course a house to sleep in. The account manager then sends the request - with all necessary items - to the facilities department.


Nothing! Yes, you read that correctly.

We offer housing free of charge to our professionals who come to the Netherlands from abroad. We think it is important that everyone has a good and safe roof over their heads.

We therefore bear these costs ourselves.


Techvisie has a large network and ongoing assignments available in my region, but also in other regions because they work nationally.
The most important thing for me is that I receive my salary on the agreed day. That is always the case at Techvisie.
I didn't expect that we would all go out for dinner and that we would be surprised with Christmas gifts. I remember realizing then: I'm happy to be part of the team.
The employment conditions at Techvise are very good. I receive my salary on time every week. This is going exactly as agreed and I am very satisfied with that.

Where am I going to sleep?

Good housing will be sought based on the location of your new workplace. We always take into account an acceptable travel time between the work location and accommodation. We strive to ensure that you have to travel as little as possible. Are we in doubt? We will then contact you to discuss this, so that you are not faced with any strange surprises. Your account manager will tell you where the accommodation is and how to enter. This is often with a key, an access code or someone is already present.

SNF: What is it?

SNF stands for Stichting Normering Flexwonen. This organization manages and maintains the register of companies that meet the standard for housing migrant workers. Techvisie is also SNF certified. This means that we meet the standard for housing for migrant workers. An administrative inspection takes place every year. This checks whether all locations have been registered with SNF and whether the requirements of good employment practices and supervision and management are met. During the year, all locations for which we are responsible (1st person responsible) are inspected to ensure they meet all SNF standards.
Our houses meet all legal requirements. Points that SNF checks are: space, privacy, sanitary facilities, safety, hygiene, facilities, information facilities, fire safety, supervision and management.

Housing at Techvisie

We believe it is important that housing is well arranged. You will therefore find a number of important documents below, such as the SNF certificate and the house rules.
SNF Techvisie certificate
House rules for housing Techvisie
Economical with energy
Economical with energy
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Do you have a comment or compliment about the housing (or about your neighbors, etc.)? Please let us know via +31 (0)570-676167 and ask for the housing department.

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